Únětický pivovar

The Únětice Brewery was first founded in 1710; in the spring of 2011 it reopened after a hiatus of 62 years. The brewery’s beers include the Únětice 10° (The 10-Degree beer of 2012!), the 12° and seasonal specials. The brewery’s non-smoking restaurant offers a rich selection of excellent meals. Cyclists and children welcome!

European company sport games 2013

The Czech Republic’s largest sporting event of 2013 offers some 28 disciplines, including pétanque. The tournament’s sponsor is Pétanque pro Vás.


Excellent, customized fitness and wellness services.
Three locations in Prague

Kulový blesk - czech pétanque web gate

Informational website for Czech pétanque, administered by Olomouc’s Kulový Blesk (“Ball Lightning”) club.



Studio HotYoga 42 offers hatha yoga lessons in a heated room for beginners and advanced practitioners of all ages. Excellent for dancers and athletes. A lifestyle that is truly different from any other form of exercise. Hot Yoga 42 – a multivitamin for your body!

Com´médias / A Tout Prague

A Tout Prague magazine and internet guide in French, English, and Italian.

Shop "Pétanque pro vás"

"Pétanque pro Vás" boutique – Your purchase contributes to running the UBULODROM and to other public activities organized by the civic association Pétanque for You.