UBU - pétanque club

UBU - United Balls of Únětice is an active pétanque club and a long-term member of the Czech Pétanque Association. The club organizes and co-organizes numerous tournaments, practice sessions, and workshops with foreign coaches.

UBU Únětice is a true pétanque kingdom. Únětice has hosted the junior world champions from France, the three-time pétanque world champion, the president of the international pétanque federation FIPJP, Sweden’s pétanque president, and the presidents of numerous Central European federations. Above all, Únětice has remained a pleasant destination for those who are just starting out with pétanque, want to learn something new, and are looking to have a good time. In 2013, we held the 15th annual Kulový král UBU tournament, the only tournament in which one team can include a French junior world champion and a Japanese preteen playing pétanque for the first time in his life. UBU is well respected in the world of pétanque, and we are working to ensure that it will retain its renown.